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Kid Rock! Let's Hear It For Him!

April 13, 2013

I was watching Kid Rock On an interview show on television the other night. Amazing! Do you know what he is planning? A new concert tour where he has made it that no ticket costs more than $20 plus beer is only $4. That is amazing! They ought to erect a statue towards him because he makes so much common sense.

One of the reasons that I got out of the Rock 'n' Roll business was because the prices were getting outrageous. Back then I was getting nailed by the hippie papers for charging $5 to see The Who. But the bottom line is that this guy makes so much common sense and he is still going to make plenty of money at $20 a ticket. I have a friend who recently paid $200 a ticket to see Eric Clapton play at The Royal Albert Hall in London. Outrageous! Outrageous! Now I think that Clapton is a great guy, but the amount of money that these guys who run the concerts are raking in on this stuff is immoral and I am glad that Kid Rock has finally stood up and said “No! Enough!”. What can I say? This guy's rap is superb! Let's hear it for Kid Rock! Yay, Kid Rock!

Oh! And also if any of you know of Kid Rock's E-mail or Twitter accounts send this to him will ya?


-russ gibb

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